Some important points in the manifesto:
1. Comprehensive law for GHMC
2. Free water supply up to 20,000 liters per month No bill
3. Free supply of electricity to salons from December
4. Free electricity for laundries and laundry
5. About Rs 267 crore motor vehicle tax has been abolished for Corona period (March to December )6. Minimum demand charges exemption for HD and LT categories for industries and businesses
7. GST Reimbursement for films made in the state with a budget of less than Rs 10 crore
8. Permission to raise shows in all theaters in the state
9. Construction of Keshavapuram Reservoir to meet the water requirements of Hyderabad will begin soon
10. Rs 13,000 crore for Drainage Sewerage Master Plan in Hyderabad
11. Rs 12,000 crore master plan for flood water management
12. Musi connection with Godavari. Boating in Musi from Bapughat to Nagol. Rs 5,000 crore for that
13. Metro Rail Phase II Expansion from Rayadurg to Airport, BHEL to Mehidipatnam.
14. Express Metro Rail Project to Shamshabad Airport
15. Expansion of MMTS trains to another 90 km
16. Commencement of SRDP second and third phase works. In the first phase, flyovers and underpasses will be constructed in the East and West Zones.

17. Construction of BRTS roads in areas where metro rail is not available
18. Another Regional Ring Road beyond the Hyderabad Ring Road
19. Construction of footpaths, skywalks and bicycle tracks for pedestrians
20. Increase the use of electric buses, as well as the use of electric vehicles, in stages to reduce pollution. Special discounts for electric vehicle users and industries
21. Electricity generation with garbage. Increase from the current 23 MW to 43 MW
22. Establishment of teams (Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences) on all four sides of Hyderabad
23. Development decentralization in the city
24. 24 hour power supply to city dwellers
25. 17 lakh 80 thousand jobs have been created in six years including government and private jobs.

26. Continuation of construction of double bedroom houses. Sorting out their places where houses were built in disputed areas. Regularization of their places where houses are built on public lands
27. Proposal to give up to Rs. 5 lakhs to those who have land to build a house.
28. Library, club, yoga, gym center, free bus passes in each division for senior citizens.
29. E-libraries, internet facility for students, unemployed

People want to decide whether Hyderabad should be a peaceful city or not. KCR called on the religious forces not to give a chance to the divisive forces. KCR said that the ruling party of the country had utterly failed. In the past, Congress has also flopped. Both parties have failed to guide this country. Those two parties are just telling stories. KCR clarified that Rs 10,000 assistance will definitely be provided to those affected by the floods after the elections.

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao – KTR


For Full Manifesto click here : TRS-GHMC-Manifesto KCR